MSc Business Management

The University of Wales Master of Science programmes at Greenwich School of Management offer a range of disciplines in the functional areas of Management including, Human Resource Management, Accounting & Finance, Marketing and Business Management. These programmes are available in both Full and Part time modes.
Our MSc Degree specialising in Business Management is designed for those students who wish to develop a general management career in the public, private, charitable and nongovernmental organisations. Students who pursue this degree will benefit from an eclectic mix of both strategic and functional management disciplines. On completion of this degree students will be in a position to seek management roles in a wide range of organisational environments.
Structure of the programme
Programme members complete six 20 credit modules and a 60 credit project as follows:

» Strategic Planning and Policy Formulation (20 Credits)
» Managing Information (20 Credits)
» Managing People (20 Credits)
» Managing Finance (20 Credits)
» Managing Markets (20 Credits)
» Research Methodology and Dissertation Planning (20 Credits)
» The MSc Research Project (60 Credits)
All 20 credit modules, except for the Research Methodology and Dissertation Planning module will typically require a work assignment of approximately 3,000 words which will contribute 50% of the total marks for the module, and a two hour written examination or case study which contributes a further 50% of the module mark. However, varying methods of assessment strategy are employed across the modules. The Research Methodology and Dissertation Planning module requires a detailed dissertation proposal. The Project module requires a submission of a research dissertation of between 15,000 and 20,000 words.
To be eligible for graduation and the award of MSc Business Management course members must gain 180 credits. Course Members are normally required to obtain a minimum of 50 per cent in each module in order to qualify for the award of Master of Science (Pass). An MSc with Distinction may be awarded where a course member’s average mark across the modules is 70 per cent or more.

Postgraduate Programmes

We offer a range of full and part time postgraduate programmes to allow students from all walks of life, and from all organisational, business and educational backgrounds, to gain worthwhile qualifications and experience and prepare or develop a successful career in management.
The postgraduate programmes at GSoM are designed to be flexible and help students obtain a respected qualification in a relaxed and supportive environment. A Master degree or indeed a Doctoral qualification will allow you to become an effective and respected manager or leader in today’s competitive business world.
Our affiliations with the University of Plymouth and the University of Wales allow us to provide outstanding internationally recognised qualifications studied one of the most attractive and historical parts of London: Greenwich.
For more information on postgraduate study options available at Greenwich School of Management please click on one of the links below:
University of Plymouth Postgraduate Programmes

  • Master of Business Administration
    • MBA Strategic Management Pathway
    • MBA Financial Management Pathway
    • MBA Human Resource Management Pathway
    • MBA Marketing Pathway
  • Executive Master of Business Administration
    • Executive MBA Management Pathway
    • Executive MBA Health Services Management Pathway
  • Master of Science
    • MSc Oil and Gas Management Pathway
    • MSc Leading & Managing in Healthcare Organisations Pathway
    • MSc Procurement Management

BBA Application procedure

Entry requirements
The minimum entry requirement for the BBA programme is the equivalent of a US High School Diploma, i.e. 5 UK GCSEs at Grade C or above, or 5 UK GCE 'O' levels, or equivalent overseas qualifications. Proficiency in spoken and written English is also a requirement.
Visa requirements
The minimum requirement for a UK student visa is 15 hours per week of daytime study. International students are reminded that they must comply with Home Office Regulations, particularly with regard to attendance. Full attendance on the BBA Programme fulfils this requirement. Absence due to illness must be supported by a medical certificate.
Visa renewal
Greenwich School of Management is under obligation to provide records of students' attendance and progress to the Home Office. Failure to attend lectures and examinations may jeopardise students' educational status and eligibility for visa renewal.
How to make an application
To make an application you must send us the following information:

  1. Your completed GSoM Application Form - Application forms are available in your prospectus pack or you can click here to complete the form online. If you need any help or advice before completing the application form please write to or telephone the School and speak to a counsellor who will advise you.
  2. The GSoM International Student Declaration Form - If you require a Student Visa to study in the UK you will be required to complete this form. Click here to download a copy of the International Student Declaration Form.
  3. Copies of your qualifications as listed on your application form.
  4. Your CV / Resume detailing your educational and professional achievements.
  5. A Reference from a place of study or an employer. - References must be on letterhead paper, signed and dated by your referee.
  6. A photocopy of the relevant pages of your passport. - For example front cover, personal details page and any pages indicating relevant visas or migration stamps.
  7. The Application Fee of £130. - This can be paid by cheque or postal order made payable to ‘Greenwich School of Management Ltd’. Credit / Debit Card, or by Bank Transfer (click here for the GSoM account details). The application fee is entirely refundable should you not be accepted.

Send the above to the Admissions Department at GSoM either by post or email To email your application, scan and attach your documentation and arrange the application fee payment as above. If you wish you can submit an application in person.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree programme is conducted by Greenwich School of Management as a Northwood University outreach programme studied in London, UK. Training for this undergraduate university programme leads to the award of the degree for Bachelor of Business Administration.
* Please note - the BBA prospectus is currently unavailable due to some necessary revisions. If you would like to speak to an advisor regarding this programme please contact our Admissions Team today on +44 (0)208 516 7800.
Students may choose from two majors:
BBA Major in Management
BBA Dual Major in Management and Marketing

Dual Major requires completion of the same core subject modules as for the Major in Management, but with substitution of elective Management modules for specialised subjects specific to the Dual Major. The requirement for each of these majors is detailed fully on the individual programme pages.

GSoM Taught Subject Modules
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme starts with progressive learning of key elements of business management through 31 subject modules taught at Greenwich School of Management. Students with relevant, recognised experience or qualifications prior to their enrolment on the BBA programme may obtain credit transfers as detailed under 'Transfer of Credit Hours'.
A minimum of five subjects must be studied each semester, but additional subjects may be available wishing to make fast track progress on the programme.

Semester Credit Hours
All modules on the BBA programme confer 3 semester credit hours, giving a total of 124 semester credit hours for the full programme. A minimum of 124 semester credit hours are needed to obtain a BBA degree from Northwood University.
Northwood Online Modules
In addition to the 31 modules taught at Greenwich, students must complete a total of 31 semester credit hours with Northwood University which require students to carry out their own analysis of reading matter selected by Northwood. These are normally completed in the UK within the duration of the programme. Student are required to submit work online to Northwood for assessment .

Transfer of Credit Hours
Credit hour transfers may be granted for relevant, recognised qualifications held by students prior to enrolment on the BBA programme. Credit hours may be granted for any of the 31 modules taught at Greenwich School of Management, but not for any Northwood Online courses.

Programme Duration
The full duration of the programme is 7 semesters without any credit transfers from previous qualifications. One semester is approximately four months long and students are required to study a minimum of 5 subjects each semester. This duration is reduced for students awarded credit transfers for previous qualifications.

Starting Dates
The BBA Programmes have enrolment dates in February, June and October each year.